wendy williams, rihanna

*TLC is not the only celeb entity hatin’ on Rihanna‘s controversial see-thru dress she recently wore at the CFDA Awards.

You see, Wendy Williams wasn’t fond of RiRi’s revealing sheer dress, either.

And of course, Williams blasted the Jay Z discovery on her talk show — calling her inappropriate and basically being in the nude.

RiRi walked the red carpet in her revealing sheer dress at the CFDA Awards where she was honored with the Fashion Icon award.

But Williams was not impressed … she still thinks RiRi should be ashamed of herself.

“She was showing all booty crack and all areola,” Wendy pointed out to her studio audience during Hot Topics on Tuesday. “Since when is public nudity okay?”

Don’t get Williams wrong, she knows RiRi got it going on, but the CFDA Awards wasn’t the right place (in Williams eyes) to show off her killer body.

“She’s got a really terrific body and she’s a really beautiful girl,” said Wendy. “As far as I am concerned, she is totally inappropriate for walking out of the house with this outfit on.”

Williams threw her shade and pointed out what event was more fitting for the outfit.

“This is the kind of outfit and you’re inviting all of your friends over and you’re hosting your down-low sex party,” Wendy said, imagining the right accessories and attitude for Rihanna’s look. “You wear this outfit and you smoke your blunts out of a cigarette holder and you walk around like you own the joint. You don’t walk out of the house like this.”

To top it off, Williams feels RiRi didn’t deserve the award and honor.

“Rihanna is a risk taker. I don’t really consider her a fashion icon,” Williams said.

Watch the clip from Williams’ show below: