robin thicke & paula patton

*After months and months to no avail of trying to woo Paula Patton back, it looks as if Robin Thicke is throwing in the towel.

Observers are citing the fact that their LA home was put on the market on Monday as a strong indication that the road has come to and between the two. Keep in mind that Paula has not lived there since their separation back in February.

Sources connected with Robin tell TMZ … an attorney is already working on a financial settlement — separating assets.

Other sources say, however, neither side has hired a divorce lawyer.

But Robin still has some fight in him apparently ’cause he’s saying that Paula will have to be the one to first file for divorced. It seems he’s leaving the door cracked about a quarter of an inch just in case. However, it appears he’s moving on

By the way, the 3,158 square foot home was listed Monday with an asking price of $2,985,000.

It was originally purchased by Robin’s dad, Alan Thicke back in 1990 for “only” $910,000 — although Robin’s name is on the deed now.