montel williams (screenshot)

*Anyone who’s familiar with TV host and former Navy vet Montel Williams, knows he’s 100 percent all in for military veterans. End of story.

Well, TMZ caught up with him yesterday and asked him his thoughts on the recent Veterans Administration scandal/crises.

He responded by becoming quite animated and called out President Obama for failing to respond to his petition to fix the VA hospital crisis.

“I issued a petition and I’m waiting for the White House to respond,” said Williams. “I got 100,000 people around the country, I think, tweeting the president saying respond to me and he hasn’t responded. And it’s not about me. It’s about the veterans, Fix the problem(!) I don’t care if he ever speaks to me.”

When asked by the TMZ camera guy what he would say to Obama if he got the chance, Williams’ answer was quite terse and to the point:

“Sign the papers homeboy!”


(If you don’t see the above video on your mobile device, click HERE.)