*The cast from the Lifetime docu-series, “BAPS” (Black American Princess) rolled into New Orleans during the 20th Annual Essence Festival to promote their new series and defend the controversy swirling around it.

“We know it’s a tough sell to the black community,” said cast member, Jason Wilson to EUR’s Lee Bailey. “But this might be a groundbreaking moment in TV.”

The show, with no connection to the 1997 Halle Berry comedy “B.A.P.S.,” is about a group of life-long friends from St. Louis who are edgy, educated, sophisticated, and believe being a BAP in today’s world is a birthright.

Before social media weighed in ahead of its premiere, the cast explained how dissimilar they are from the characters they portray. See the clip below for what they had to say.

Lifetime’s “BAPS” airs over the course of six hour-long episodes beginning Wednesday at 10/9c.