*”The f-you James Brown part, is my favorite scene!”

Chadwick Boseman talks about his Oscar-worthy performance as James Brown in the Universal biopic, “Get On Up,” out Friday.

“My favorite scene right now is when the band (Famous Flames) leaves me,” shared Boseman. “It’s the f-you James Brown part. When you shoot a movie you have memories of certain moments. The nostalgia of that day still makes me laugh.”

get on upWhile researching his role the South Carolina native learned a fun fact about the founding father of funk.

“I didn’t know about all of his businesses,” stated Boseman. “Like the James Brown food stamp, which is not in the movie but was such a thing. He was into black people being entrepreneurs and keeping their money within the community. A black man on some money, that’s great!”

James BrownThe actor also admitted he had some apprehension about playing the iconic figure.

“I was concerned that it wouldn’t translate,” explained the 37-year-old. “That I wouldn’t be able to walk the line of his persona or be able to get over the parodies and jokes that have been made about him.”

cb8get on up

Boseman also said there are several songs in Brown’s catalog that he has a visceral connection with.

“‘I Lost Someone” from his “Live at the Apollo” album in 1963,” confessed the performer. “I like the lyrics and the passion in it. It’s an amazing ballad but most people don’t know it.”

james brown

And like Brown, Boseman’s performance will transcend and please all demographics and audiences.

“The groove gets in you, its undeniable!,” proclaimed Boseman. “The music he made didn’t matter if you were black, white, old, young, blind, crippled or crazy, it affects you.”

He’s right.  That is just what the movie will do!

get on up

“Get On Up” slides into theaters August 1st. For your local listings click here.

chad & fahnia

Chadwick Boseman and EURweb associate Fahnia Thomas enjoying a laugh while discussing his role as James Brown in ‘Get On Up.’