claudia-jordan*Although she comes with experience from hosting Jamie Foxx’s “The Foxxhole” comedy channel on Sirius XM, Claudia Jordan did not let that keep her from proving herself to Rickey Smiley and listeners to his nationally-syndicated “Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

Chatting with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the entertainer, who debuted on the show on July 15, admitted that it will take her some time to get used to the rhythms of Smiley’s team, which includes Headkrack, Special K and Gary With Da Tea.

“I don’t know the inside jokes yet,” Jordan said. “I just want people listening to give me a chance.”

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Jordan’s arrival comes after the departure of Ebony Steele. At this time, Smiley has not given a reason for the former co-host leaving.

“I know (I’m replacing) someone who is irreplaceable,” said Jordan. “It’s awkward. Some people will hate you because you’re not her.”

“I didn’t take anything from her. She’ll have an amazing career,” Jordan added. “People love her. I’m a fan. I’ve reached out to her. Would love to sit down and have lunch with her. She’s great at what she does.”

No matter what, Jordan’s objective is simple. The New England Patriots fan stated that she just wants to “do the job justice. And get better at it. Learn the beats, the inside jokes.”

“I want to go and show what I can do. I have a very dry sarcastic sense of humor that may sound condescending and rude. If you think I’m being serious, you don’t really know me. I’m borderline nice in real life. It’s a fun character to play.”

Through it all, Jordan expressed how grateful she is to Smiley for giving her a chance to entertain those listening on one of the 60 radio stations nationwide the show is broadcast on.

“He’s sticking his neck out for me. I don’t want him to regret it,” Jordan explained. “I want him to feel good. If I do my job and am funny, people will see why I’m here. He knew me from the Foxxhole. He’s seen me in my element.”

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