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*Is this a case of out with the old and in with the new?

Well, if you’re referring to Fox’s NFL sideline reporters Pam Oliver, 53, and Erin Andrews, 36, it certainly looks like it.

Apparently a few days before the last Super Bowl, Oliver had a feeling she would be working her last game as the networks #1 sideline reporter for Fox’s top NFL broadcast team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Also, after 19 years with Fox and with her contract about to expire, Oliver told that she wasn’t sure if she would be back at all.

“Look, the fact Sunday could be my last game for Fox has entered my mind. I’m a realist” she said at the time. “My husband cautioned me, admonished me really, not to treat this as a farewell tour.”

The bottom line is that Oliver’s intuition was correct. On Monday (07-14-14), Fox announced that Erin Andrews – who came into prominence because of her deer-in-the-headlights interview with Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman after the NFC Championship game – would be replacing Oliver on the number 1 team. But hold on, Pam Oliver will still be patrolling the sidelines this Fall. She’ll be joining the #2 team of Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch in her final year on the field.

“I said I wanted to do a 20th year (with Aikman and Buck). I expressed to them (Fox) that I was not done and had something to offer,” Oliver told But that wasn’t to be, so she agreed to a multiyear contract with Fox that will focus on off-the-field pieces.

The network said Oliver was being “elevated to senior correspondent,” where she will work for both Fox Sports 1 and Fox.

“I’m over the moon for the opportunity to expand my contributions to include a wider variety of sports and programs, while still getting to report from the sidelines on ‘NFL Sundays,'” Oliver said in a statement. “I’ve already spoken with Kevin and John and I’m really looking forward to being part of their outstanding team this season.”

In January, Oliver told the NY Daily News that Fox was pitting her against Andrews who move over from ESPN.

“All this stuff comes with the territory,” Oliver said then. “She (Andrews) is a high-profile person. A lot of attention is paid because people are curious about her. They want to start this competition. And all of a sudden I’m answering questions walking through airports. Things like: ‘Are you being pushed out?’ ”

Looks like we now what the answer to that question is.

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