andre 3000

*A new dispute over the rights to family photos used in Andre 3000’s highly-anticipated Jimi Hendrix biopic is reportedly threatening to delay the film’s September release, reports The New York Post.

Jimi’s brother, Leon, is said to be unhappy his personal pictures appear in the movie and his name included in the credits, because he claims he never gave Oscar-winning screenwriter-turned-director John Ridley permission to use them.

Lawyers for Ridley, who adapted the script for “12 Years A Slave,” are now seeking to remedy the situation as soon as possible in order to avoid having to postpone the theatrical release of “Jimi: All Is by My Side,” according to the New York Post.

A source says, “Leon has insisted that his name be removed from the credits and demanded a payment to the charity of his choice for the use of his family photos.

“Ridley’s attorneys are bending over backwards to appease Leon.”