*”We wanted to make a big movie!”

This weekend, Dwayne Johnson, is starring as “Hercules,” the Greek demigod.

“We made a movie that was fun and epic,” explained Johnson. “But we also wanted to make something that was defining for a generation because it is Hercules and a mythology that everyone knows about. Everyone put in their hard work, time, discipline, and dedication. The whole cast looks amazing on film, they’re not only incredible actors, they’re incredible ass kickers too!”

herculesNorwegian actress, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, plays the archer Atalanta.

“It was an adventure!” Proclaimed the leading lady warrior. “When you look out on a set and you’re the only girl and there are a thousand male warriors screaming… you have to just breath, find yourself and inner energy. It was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had! Going into a project you have so much energy, you do whatever it takes to make it though the first day of shooting. And then it’s about keeping that…and that is a different cup of tea!”

herculesAksel Hennie brings Tydeus the warrior to life.

“All the movies you’ve seen before are about “Hercules” being a half God…this is the deconstruction of the myth,” clarified Hennie. “He is a man, a man that fought alongside his crew and band of brothers, and at the same time trying to cope with being a human being. You can expect it all from an adventure movie like this…you can eat your popcorn, you can cry a little, you can laugh a little, and you can cheer. It’s a huge movie with a huge variety of cinematic explosions!”

The Norwegian actor also said they had strict diets and workout regimes.

“When you know you are going to be alongside Johnson you have to workout! You have to be as big as humanly possible.”

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