halle-berry-extant-trailer*It appears Halle Berry‘s small screen debut was a hit … at least its debut show.

The new CBS series, “Extant,” garnered first place in the television ratings for the Academy award winning actress — though it may still be a bit too early to get excited, as the drama still has the rest of the summer to go before determining it a hit.

Berry plays an astronaut who returns to earth from a solo mission pregnant in the limited run series. And according to Nielsen, the CBS debut had 9.6 million viewers for its first episode; enough to make it the most-watched prime-time show during the week.

“Under the Dome” was said to have had a very disappointing second-season debut in comparison; with only 9.4 million viewers one week earlier, in spite of its hit status a year earlier.

With time-shifted viewing within three days of the premiere added in — people who watched a recording afterward — “Under the Dome” had 13.2 million viewers. The extra days boosted the total viewership for “Extant” to 11.9 million.

CBS easily won the week in prime time, averaging 5.6 million viewers. NBC had 4.6 million, ABC had 4.3 million, Univision had 2.8 million, Fox had 2.7 million. Telemundo had 1.5 million and ION Television had 1.1 million.