kevin durant (at kids choice sports awards)

*2014 Best Male Athlete and MVP recipient Kevin Durant is branded as the good guy that loves his mother.

His squeaky clean image has been described as honorable, even humble. Ultra candid ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith even vouched his character. Nice right?

We here at EURweb don’t know KD personally, but our experience on the Orange carpet at the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Award made us lift an eyebrow. As I (LaCora Stephens) asked him how it felt to be the best athlete, his PR quickly pushed the mic away saying, “No Interviews!” You don’t see her push me in the shot, but you hear me say, “Wow…she pushed me.” as Kevin, did nothing. You would imagine a man with such humility, that all people rave about would have a team that reflects his character. Integrity is an influence… if present.

What say you in the matter, was KD’s P.R. just doing what she was told or should KD have said something?

Recently EUR also released a story regarding rumors of Kevin’s affair that ended relationship with fiancé Monica Wright. Read that story here.