jennifer williams & evelyn lozada

*Jennifer Williams doesn’t want to patch things up with Evelyn Lozada. Williams’ friendship with Lozada was like her ongoing stanky divorce with Eric Williams.

They fell out after Williams made a nasty comment about Chad Johnson, Lozada’s ex. Their feud drama escalated to the point Lozada’s assistant slapped Williams.

So it seems best the ladies stay away from each other. Nevertheless, Lozada wanted to make amends with Williams — trying to be a bigger person.

Lozada started thinking about her former friend and being that some time had past, she thought it was time to reach out to her.

“I had a dream about Jennifer last night. Felt so real. #ItWasFunny,” she revealed on Twitter.

But Williams doesn’t want her in her life. “Bye Felicia……,” Williams tweeted.

Lozada responded to Williams brush off. She gave her former “Basketball Wives” co-star some advice.

She tweeted, “Holding grudges and being angry is not worth it. Tomorrow is neve promised. Thankful all of my blessings, family and friends.”

She added, “I haven’t always been a ball of positivity but life lessons and kids will change for the better.”

Lozada is sorry she hurt Williams and wanted to piece together their relationship.

“I did reach out and I apologized for my actions and any hurt I caused her and her family,” she responded to a follower.

But it doesn’t look like these two will be friends again anytime soon.