*Tensions ran high on “Sunday Best” with the return of contestant Dennis Christopher Brigham.

Brigham gave Kim Burrell a piece of his mind — who he accused of laughing at his performance and calling her out as “rude.”

Burrell took some time during a performance to address the confrontation.

“I’m sweet,” she told her live audience. “I’m a sweet lady and I love God. I don’t need to hurt people.”

Kierra Sheard was critiquing Brigham as Donnie McClurkin and Burrell had a side conversation filled with laughter.

And that’s when Brigham lashed out at Burrell for her giggles.

“Kim Burrell, I want to let y’all know this. I think it is very rude and disrespectful for y’all to be up here laughing like that because I used my rent money and everything and for y’all to be sitting up here disrespectful like that and laughing, that is so wrong,” Brigham said. “I been stop liking you last year.”

Later on Brigham returned to the set — not for more drama, but to apologize to Burrell. She responded with an apology of her own.

But she did reiterate her conversation with McClurkin had nothing to do with Brigham’s performance.

“It’s almost like the church is waiting for us to turn on each other. Instead of posting that he apologized, and I apologized back to him, they wanna talk about this other stuff,” she said. “I don’t want y’all to get it twisted.”

Watch Brigham’s performance below:

Watch Burrell address the confrontation below: