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*Kobe Bryant met Trayvon Martin‘s family at a rally in LA’s Crenshaw district recently.

And get this, Bryant is very enthusiastic about helping Martin’s family. In fact, he called it a responsibility.

As a celebrity, Bryant feels as though he can help tell Martin and his family’s story.

And he attempted to do just that when he spoke at the rally where more than 200 people gathered.

“Players such as myself and others that have kind of a platform, our responsibility is more than just putting a ball in the basket … but helping  [Trayvon’s parents] have a platform.”

Bryant said all the things basketball stars find important in a vacuum — including the injuries, retirement and playing time — didn’t compare to what Martin’s family has gone through.

“When you step out of that, you look at [Trayvon’s parents] … what they had to go through as a family and what they’ve come out of … that’s true adversity,” he said.

Watch Bryant speak at a Trayvon Martin event: