laila ali

*Rumor has it, Laila Amaria Ali, may be one of the contenders vying for a new co-host position at The View.

Media partner correspondent chatted with her about whether or not she’s being considered, why she calls African American women on reality TV ‘sad’ and when’s the last time the famous daughter of heavyweight boxing legend Muhammad Ali had a physical fight outside the ring. Check out a few excerpts. Speaking of drive, focus and confidence, your name has been tossed around as possibly being one of the hosts on the ‘The View.’ Is that something that you would be interested in doing?

Laila Ali: Wouldn’t that be great? Definitely, I want to do more in the talk space and I’ve been putting that out there in the universe so we’ll see what happens. I’ve had lots of meetings. Can you see yourself at the table?

Laila Ali: Can you see my face? Yeah, but just me seeing it ain’t going to make it happen though, they have to see it and I think that if that’s where I’m meant to be then that’s where it’ll end up. What would you bring fresh to The View?

Laila Ali: A true, honest perspective from an African American woman that’s relatable but also has a lot of knowledge and experience and I keep it real. Not in the way that people say that I keep it real , but I keep it real, real. I’m not afraid to go against the grain, I’m not afraid to be a little bit politically incorrect, I make people mad sometimes, but I can back it up.

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