andre johnson - being restrained

Andre Johnson, who threatens Michal Strahan, shown being subdued by NYPD officers

*Remember our report about the homeless man who threatened to kill Michael Strahan?

On Monday dude went karazy in court and even called the judge the n-word and accused his lawyer of being part of the Illuminati.

His name is Andre Johnson and he was in court for his arraignment and repeatedly demanded new legal representation … saying his lawyer is part of the Illuminati — the secret society that allegedly runs the world.

“Take pictures! We want photos!” he demanded after Justice Laura Ward barred photographers from shooting him. “Where’s the media? There’s a war against me. Obama was elected to defend us.”

According to the NY Post … the judge ordered Johnson to take a mental competency exam, and that’s when he came back with: “That’s some bullsh*t n****r!”

Johnson was arrested July 1st when he pulled a knife on a security guard outside the “Good Morning America” studio and said he was there to kill Strahan. He’s been charged with 3 counts of attempted assault.