Malcolm-D.-Lee-and-Morris-Chestnut*Could we be seeing a kinder, funnier Lance Sullivan in the next chapter of the “Best Man” trilogy?

That could very well be the case, if you ask Morris Chestnut. The actor, who plays Lance, along with “Best Man” director Malcolm D. Lee shared a few details concerning the upcoming sequel while attending the American Black Film Festival (ABFF).

According to Chestnut, who serves as the celebrity ambassador for this year’s ABFF, the sequel “will probably be the funniest of them all.”

“It’s gonna have a lot of twists and turns,” he told Vibe.

“It’s going to be some romance, there’ll be some sex there’s going to be a wedding and there’s going to be a distant location,” Lee added.

Knowing that his character was not the most fun person to be around in the last film, Chestnut admitted to being excited about having more fun with Lance this next go round. “I’m excited because you know the last movie I was kind of upset throughout the whole movie and very emotional so Malcolm promised me this movie is going to be completely different for me so I’m looking forward to that,” he said.

Lee echoed Chestnut’s excitement while revealing  that moviegoers will see the entertainer’s role become much lighter in the pending sequel.

“You don’t just get over the death of your life mate, your soul partner so he is going to be sad but we’ll feel sad for him in a very different way,” said the filmmaker. “This is going to be one of Morris Chestnut funniest roles.”

And that’s the good news. A third film to round out the “Best Man” trilogy is coming. The only thing is Lee mentioned that the script for the movie has yet to be in the hands of the studio.

As a result, this kinda puts a damper on Chestnut’s hopes of production starting within the next six months.

Stay tuned for more developments in bringing the third “Best Man” film to a theater near you.