*Another day, another addition to the breakup rumor mill surrounding Jay Z and Beyonce.

The latest…or rather, an old rumor recently rehashed? Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage problems are rooted in a secret affair with Rihanna.

A source for Hollywood Life if already denying the affair: “Rihanna has been enjoying being out of the spotlight and enjoying the anonymity of being alone, but these constant claims of her and Jay Z having sex are just ridiculous. Rihanna and Jay’s relationship is more like a family than a romance!

“Jay is like a father figure to Rihanna. Over the years, he’s helped groom her into the star she’s become and has been nothing but supportive of her and her career. That’s just it, nothing else.”

“Jay is married, and even if she wanted to step to him, which I assure you she doesn’t, it wouldn’t even go down because he’s married and that’s simply foul and out of line.”