nicki minaj - bikini

*My my, my. Nicki Minaj is bustin’ out again.

As you no doubt recall, she set off alarms last week with the release of cover art for “Anaconda,” her new single … a photo of herself from the back, squatting in a hit pink thong bikini.

Yes, as some would say she’s lookin’ supa fine from behind. But that was last week. Cut to today. OK, actually yesterday, Sunday, and she released another photo of herself in the pink barely-there outfit. But with one big difference as you can see. It’s a front view.

So what’s the point of the new pic? It’s her way of telling fans the release of “Anaconda” will be a week late

“My darlingz, I’ve pushed the release of ‘Anaconda’ to next week, Monday 8/4,” she  captioned her Instagram photo.

‘I promise you will understand why before the week is out.’

The new shot shows her standing on a pink yoga mat in a matching pink bikini. Off to one side is a large pink exercise ball, on the other, what appears to be a pair of five-pound pink dumbbells.

Just like in the other pic featuring her ample bottom, Nicki is wearing those high top blue trainers.

Speaking of her booty, the pic that was all about her big ol’ butt, was the source of a lot of flack for her. Something we don’t think she saw coming for some reason.

But she tried to justify it by reminding naysayers that her “assets” are no more “unacceptable” than similar images of white models.

We can only wonder what Stephen A. Smith would say.  🙂