get on up

*”I wanted to be a part of James Brown’s legacy!” Proclaimed Oscar winner Octavia Spencer. “I wanted to be directed by my best friend (Tate Taylor) on a project, I knew he would slay and he did! And work with Chadwick Boseman. And of course Mick Jagger and Brian Grazer. I feel very blessed to be a part of this.”

In “Get on Up,” the veteran character actress plays Aunt Honey, the woman who took in young Brown when he had nowhere else to go.

EUR: What is your favorite scene in the movie?

Spencer: I can’t tell you my favorite scene without giving something away. But I will say, ‘I really, really, really loved the relationship between Bobby Byrd and James Brown!’…The scene towards the end of the movie.

get on upEUR: What did you learn about James, that you didn’t already know, when you were researching this role?

Spencer: I didn’t know much about his early life and how he became James Brown. What is struggles were. It’s interesting all he had to endure at such a young age. It made me reflect on what I thought was ‘hard.’ You never know a person’s journey.

Because of all the scandal at the later part of his life sometimes we forget how much he contributed to the music industry. James Brown is prolific! He is the most sampled musician. His music is a part of so many other musicians work. It’s important for kids to know that you don’t just pop out and become famous, there is a lot of hard work involved.

get on upEUR: What is your favorite James Brown song?

Spencer: “Living in America.” It’s fun! It has a lot of him, it was young and unique. He kept reinventing himself. I loved that era of his music.

get on upAs one of Hollywood’s most sought-after talents, the Alabama native, is one of 11 actresses to win the Critic’s Choice Award, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, BAFTA, and Oscar (“The Help”) in the same year (2011).

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