2paris and debbie

Debbie Rowe and Paris Jackson in December 2013

*TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris is back in Los Angeles — possibly with a boyfriend – for the purpose of re-establishing Jackson family ties.

Paris was hanging out in Calabasas Wednesday night with some friends as guardian T.J. Jackson followed closely behind, according to the website. In photos posted to the website, TMZ says, “the guy with the dark hair might be a date or a boyfriend.”

Sources connected to the Jacksons say the doctors who have been treating Paris after she tried to take her life have told her she needs to create a family support system, because she’s become estranged from her entire family.

According to TMZ, doctors were concerned 16-year-old Paris’ only meaningful relationship has been with Debbie Rowe — her biological mother who does not have custody. Doctors want her to mend fences with Katherine, her siblings and other immediate family. They believe it’s important to her healing.

Paris tried to take her own life by cutting herself a year ago. She’s been living in Utah at a boarding school where she’s receiving therapy.