*Contrary to popular belief, Phaedra Parks is staying on “The  Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Several reports indicated Parks wouldn’t return to “RHOA” due to personal issues — including her estrange husband Apollo Nida going to prison to serve eight years for money laundering and credit card fraud.

But these rumors are simply not true. But she is a going on a mini-vacation. She is leaving the show for a couple of weeks in order to deal with personal matters.

Speaking of her husband Nida, he said their marriage is rocky — and that’s certainly a personal matter Parks needs to address.

“I doubt it… My wife didn’t even show up for my fu**ing sentencing. I’m still salty about that,” he said. 

Although it’s likely their marriage is over, Parks stay on “RHOA” isn’t over. Maybe, she just needs time to breathe.