*Despite no longer being married to Deion Sanders, Pilar Sanders is keeping herself on the public radar with accusations of kidnapping directed towards her ex and his current love, Tracey Edmonds.

According to Rhymes with Snitch, Pilar took to social media to put out a series of bizarre posts, calling out various officials in Texas as well as Deion and his family for conspiring against her and other citizens of the Moorish Divine and National Movement.

In May, Pilar’s affiliation with the organization served as the reason for her to demand that her divorce settlement from Deion Sanders be thrown out.

Pilar’s social media posts can be seen below:

Pilar Sanders social media post

Pilar Sanders social media post 2Meanwhile, as for Deion Sanders, he’s facing legal troubles from ignoring all court orders for him to pay Pilar’s legal fees, which are worth $250K. Cocoafab.com notes that the fees were accrued during Deion and Pilar’s divorce. The proceedings from that case resulted in Deion being awarded full custody of all three of the former couple’s children.

Although Deion initially served Pilar with divorce papers on September 22, 2011, the former NFL star pulled away from his allegations as he denied that he and Pilar would officially be splitting. Deion finally admitted that he and his wife were headed for divorce months later, on December 17,2011

To date, Larry Friedman, Pilar Sanders’ divorce lawyer is still waiting for payment from an order made in May 2012. After a two-year wait, Sanders filed documents to begin placing a lien on Sanders’ assets.

Colin County records cite an abstract of the judgment, which states that Deion has not followed court orders and has refused to make any payments. Friedman says that If Deion continues to refuse to make payments, consequences will include a lien that will likely be placed upon his Texas mansion.

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