ray j (never shoulda)

*Ray J, the controversial singer, reality star and host is back with a new dynamic single and video for the track, “Never Shoulda Have Did That,” available on ITunes.

Like so many of his previous hits including “One Wish” and “Sexy Can I,” this song is autobiographical and chronicles many of Ray J’s past experiences.

“For me the song is about recognizing where I am in my life now and thinking about some of the things I’ve done that I have come to regret,” said the star. He continued, “This song is my way of moving forward.”

“Never Shouda Did That” was recorded and the video was shot months ago. It’s from a collection Ray J has assembled that will be part of a mix tape, Ray J: Uncut 2 that he is releasing free online to fans in August.

This song and mix tape comes just before the announcement of a new recording partnership, another new single, video and an album late this year. It also launches as he gears up for another major move in the TV arena.

Check out “Never Shouda Did That” (WARNING: NSFW):

Ray J is the most controversial entertainment figure of the last decade. Weather you came to know him as a child star, a recording artist, an actor, reality star or host, you know him because he has remained relevant and talked about for almost two decades.

The master of career re-invention, Ray J can walk into any setting and at once be greeted by name by the biggest Hollywood star, by any top athlete and even top political figures with no introduction. No matter if you love him or hate him, you know his work beginning with his early stint on Moesha and his first venture into music, Ray J continues to sustain himself as a pop culture personality through his work as host, producer and star for numerous networks including VH1, BET, Oxygen, etc. He’s not just related to a star, has made the careers of some of the most famous people in the world and he is a star in his own right. His ambition, drive and audience interest means you will be seeing him around for some time to come.


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