Beyonce,Jay Z

*The latest in the Beyonce and Jay Z breakup rumor mill has both parties engaging in extra marital affairs, according to a new report from the New York Post’s Page Six.

It all supposedly started when Jay Z was said to have cheated with Casey Cohen and got caught.

Casey Cohen

Casey Cohen

Next came word that Beyonce and Jay Z stopped wearing wedding rings and were only staying together for the sake of their current world tour.

Now a source tells Page Six that Bey and Jay are all but a done deal as a result of infidelity by both parties.

“They each had guilty pleasures,” says the insider when asked about the cheating. “There’s still something there even though it’s not going to last. They know they’re the king and queen of hip hop and really, all of music. Neither wants to lose that.”

In other words, expect the power couple to maintain appearances until the completion of the On the Run tour, which is expected to bring in roughly $100 million for the Carters.

The insider says that there’s truth to many of the rumors about Jay and Bey’s crumbling marriage, and he doubts they’ll hold it together much longer:

“Knowing them as I do, obviously there’s a little something to certain rumors. When your man or woman isn’t getting it done for you, and I’m talking emotionally, not necessarily sexually, they keep things quiet.”

(L-R) Julius De Boer, Beyonce, Jay Z

(L-R) Julius De Boer, Beyonce, Jay Z

The source didn’t go into specifics about the mutual cheating, but Jay has yet to issue a statement about his relationship with Cohen and reports that Beyonce cheated with her bodyguard Julius De Boer have surfaced several times in the past few years.