Richard-Pryor-Jr-NIck-Cannon*Talk of Nick Cannon playing Richard Pryor may have triggered mixed reactions, but the “America’s Got Talent” host has at least one solid supporter.

According to reports, Richard Pryor’s son is giving his support for Cannon portraying his dad in a new biopic. The change of heart comes after Richard Pryor Jr. and  his sister Rain recently told they worried Cannon would not do justice to the role, insisting they would rather see Marlon Wayans land the part.

Richard Pryor died in 2005 at the age of 65.

“I am actually very excited about it now. He changed my mind by how he is delving into it… ,” Pryor Jr. said regarding why Cannon has his support. “He did the small thing of using his left hand instead of his right hand, he picked up smoking to try and emulate my dad, he’s let his hair grow out… he’s looking into who my dad really was, looking into his childhood, who he was raised by and around, and he is interested in talking to me about who my dad was.”

Although no official confirmation has been announced, Cannon has hinted strongly that he will play Richard Pryor on the big screen.