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*Dwayne Johnson really wants to play a DC comic superhero on the big screen. But which one has the power of Superman, but is not Superman? Hmm… Shazam?!

TheGrio reported, Johnson might have spilled the beans on who he’ll be playing in the DC movie universe.

And it’s not the black Green Lantern, John Stewart. But he did compare the superhero to Clark Kent.

“There’s a character out there that we’re going to announce really soon that I’m going to play,” said Johnson about his future in the DC Universe. “And…I’ll just say this. He has the power of Superman. He can throw down and…just say the word.”

Just say the word?! He means Shazam?! Maybe so. Captain Marvel in the comics is actually Billy Batson a child to teenage orphan who says “Shazam!” to the Greek Gods and turns into Captain Marvel.

Johnson as a Hercules is one thing, but as an actual superhero — Captain Marvel at that — is on a whole other level.

With a “Justice League” movie coming up, let’s hope this hint is true. Do you think Johnson will be shouting “Shazam!” anytime soon?! Comment below.

Watch Johnson talk about Shazam below: