*“The View” was back live on Monday  for the first time since news of Jenny McCarthy’s and Sherri Shepherd’s departures.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg immediately brought up the “giant neon pink gorilla” in the room.

McCarthy first joked that the “rumors” of their departures weren’t true, a comment that received cheers from the crowd before she revealed that she was lying. “Actually it is true. But I love the support,” McCarthy said.

The new host, who has only been on The View since September, then teased her upcoming gig.

“After much consideration, I’ve taken a new job that will allow me to do what I do best, which is talk without having to interrupt anyone,” McCarthy said. “I will be announcing it in the next few weeks, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Stay tuned, even if it does compete with ‘The View.’”

Shepherd was up next, and the actress, who spent seven years on “The View,” finished her remarks with sobs and saying “I love you” to the show’s cast and crew.

Shepherd explained that people close to her and some of the show’s producers knew that she didn’t intend to return after her contract expired in August. But, she added, she didn’t discuss it because she didn’t want to take any attention away from the celebration surrounding Barbara Walters’ retirement.

As for why she decided to leave now, Shepherd invoked her faith.

“Seven in the Bible is the number of God’s completion. I’ve been here seven years, and my time at ‘The View’ is complete,” she said.

Shepherd expressed her gratitude to Walters, executive producer Bill Geddie and her fellow co-hosts.

She said that she too had “exciting news” that she would be announcing in the future, adding that she’ll promote her new gig on “The View.”

“I love the cast and crew who took me in and made me feel like this is my family. I love you,” a tearful Shepherd said in closing.

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