sherri shepherd & lamar sally

*Sherri Shepherd vs. her estranged husband Lamar Sally continues.

In the latest development between the couple, TMZ reports that Lamar is doing his part to force Shepherd to be a mother to the child she’s bringing into the world this month through a surrogate.

As it stands, he’s already drafting legal documents to prevent the former love of his life from backing out of the surrogate contract she signed while they were still a couple.

The contract’s history is one of twists and turns that include claims from Shepherd that Sally defrauded her into signing the surrogate contract. In her eyes, Shepherd says Sally knew he wanted to end the marriage but wanted to get her to pay child support, according to TMZ. “The View” co-host is looking to use fraud as the reason for getting the surrogate contract voided and freeing her from any obligations as a parent.

On the opposing side, Sally disputes Shepherd’s claims and vows to get his wife to sign the sign their child’s birth certificate. So much so that he may call Shepherd’s values as a Christian into question, saying that although she says she’s a good Christian, her abandoning an innocent child goes against that very claim.

Needless to say, Shepherd dismissed her husband’s accusations by telling TMZ that anyone who truly knows her knows Sally is the one who’s full of BS.

Shepherd’s chat with TMZ came as she faced a judge regarding a custody case involving her ex-husband Jeff Tarpley over their nine-year-old son. According to the site, Tarpley now wants full custody.

Although she was tight-lipped about her legal battle with Sally, Shepherd ended up responding upon leaving court when the issue of her Christian values was mentioned.

To see what Sherri Shepherd told TMZ, check out the video below:

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