Shonda Rhimes

*Shonda Rhimes is keeping it real with “Scandal” again, which comes as a shock for some fans of the show.

She revealed last November she knows when and how “Scandal” will end, but recently she revealed more. She said the political thriller won’t last as many as eight seasons.

The Hollywood Reporter got the details about why Rhimes believes “Scandal” shouldn’t last so long. This comes after she officially confirmed Harrison (Columbus Short) being killed off.

“His absence will be explained definitively. What you think happened to his character happened to his character,” Rhimes said.

She added in reference to the gladiators’ reactions to Harrison’s death, “Olivia, really, but all the Gladiators are. It will be very devastating for Abby in a surprising way. You’ll see how she’s coping with it in a very different way than you would expect.”

But the show will be killed off altogether within the next four years. Most likely, sooner than that.

“I think there’s only so much ‘Scandal’ you can tell satisfactorily,” Rhimes said. “The Fitz-Liv thing can only be told so long and in such a way. It’s not a 10-season or eight-season show. I’ve already decided how long that is and what that’s going to be.”

She added,  “it would be interesting. But I’ve given myself a parameter of what that is, and whether or not that means we end up deciding to stretch or shrink his presidency based on that remains to be seen.”

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