skyy fisher

Compton School Board Official, Skyy Fisher

What? A coalition of civil rights and community leader’s call for the immediate resignation of Compton school board member Skyy Fisher, whose latest arrest for sexually assaulting an unconscious victim has become an embarrassment for the city of Compton and school board.

(For details of the accusation against Fisher, click HERE.)

Why? Fisher has become embroiled in controversy since his disparaging comments where he mocked the murder of Trayvon Martin, in a podcast calling the slain teen a faggott.

Fisher then went on to call the school superintendent a bitch. A few months he was arrested by police for driving under the influence. That case is still awaiting trial.

“Fisher’s behavior by a publically elected official has been disgraceful. From his shocking comments where he mocked the murder of Trayvon Martin calling our fallen brother a faggott to his D.U.I. arrest. Compton residents should have recalled Fisher. Now Fisher has been arrested for sexually assaulting an unconscious victim in San Diego. We have had enough .Fisher is and a self-professed alcoholic who I believe is a sexual deviant who should not be working around our children. Therefore our coalition of community leaders is calling upon Fisher to resign from the Compton school board immediately.” — Najee Ali director of Project Islamic HOPE


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The National Action Network( L.A.chapter )
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