spike-lee*Although it’s been 25 years since Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” hit theaters, the recent death of New York resident Eric Garner shows just how similar the tragedy is to a scene in the critically-acclaimed film.

According to reports, Garner’s demise, which was captured on video, shows him being choked and restrained by police. The asthmatic father of six, who family and friends described as a “gentle giant,” is seen telling authorities that he can’t breath and appears unresponsive moments later. The cause of Garner’s death is reportedly “pending further studies.”

The scene in “Do the Right Thing” draws comparisons in light of the character Radio Raheem being choked to death by police. Since Garner’s video went viral, critics have expressed outrage publicly over incidents of police brutality from the NYPD as well as the use of excessive force by officers, particularly in inner city communities.

To further illustrate his point, Lee posted a video to his YouTube page that combines images from “Do the Right Thing” and Garner’s video.

To see the Spike Lee video, check out the video below: