Skyy Fisher

*COMPTON, Calif. — The following statement is in response to the arrest of Mr. Skyy Fisher – who has been accused of sexual assault (read about it here) – and can be attributed to his spokesperson Jasmyne Cannick:

There is absolutely no truth to the reports or rumors that the complaining witness in the case against Mr. Skyy Fisher is a minor or child.

The arrest warrant describes the complaining witness as a “26-year-old male” and the alleged crime as pertaining to “violations of Penal Code section 288A(F)(1) P.C. Oral copulation of an unconscious person.”

Mr. Fisher is focused on serving the children and parents of the Compton Unified School District and is not resigning from his position as member of the Governing Board of Trustees.

It is unfortunate that certain individuals in the community have used inaccurate information to help steer their own personal agenda of thwarting the efforts of Mr. Fisher in his capacity as a board member of the CUSD.

Mr. Fisher expects to be fully exonerated and vindicated in this matter.

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