Sugar-Ray-Leonard-and-Usher*Ask Sugar Ray Leonard who would be the best actor to play him in a movie and he would probably mention Usher.

The boxing legend had nothing but praises for the singer, who is portraying him in the upcoming movie “Hands of Stone.” From the looks of it, Usher appears to be a natural fit for the role.

“He has that thing, that thing that has no name — and that’s that feel, that’s our rhythm, Usher has that,” Leonard told

“Hands of Stone” tells the story of Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran, who fought two legendary boxing matches in the 1980’s against Leonard. According to reports, Usher had to drop from 180 pounds to Leonard’s fighting weight of 146 pounds, grow an afro, and go through an intense boxing workout regimen in order to play Leonard.

Apparently, Usher’s hard work did not go unnoticed as Leonard had only one request to make the singer’s transformation complete. “He has 8-packs and I told him to take away two because I only had a six,” the boxing icon. “He is an incredible student of the game of boxing.”

For more of Sugar Ray Leonard’s thoughts on Usher playing him in “Hands of Stone,” check out the video below: