How can any Black man call himself a man and then casually sign off on the abuse of the very womb of his culture? I wonder how Chief Pickens would have looked upon this incident had Dr. Ore been his wife or daughter.

I’m absolutely certain that he would have found SOMETHING improper in this cops behavior. (And no, I’m not a cop hater – In fact, I love one. Eric Wattree, Jr. is a federal agent). *

Cops Brutally Assault Black Women in Three Separate Incidents

ohn pickens

ASU Police Chief John Pickens

The graphic videos below show two separate incidents of two cowardly White male cops brutally assaulting two unarmed Black females while obviously in a racist and chauvinistic rage.

In California, on July 1 , 2014, Ms. Marlene Pinnock, a psychologically challenged great-grandmother, was savagely brutalized by an unnamed White CHP officer on the side of the 10 Freeway in Los Angeles. On May 20, 20014, in Tempe, Arizona, Black female ASU professor, Dr. Ersula Ore, was grabbed by the neck and body slammed to the ground by ASU officer Stewart Farrin. Video footage of both incidents clearly show that they could have been easily avoided with just a little humility, common decency, and simple common sense.

The bottom line to both of these incidentsis that both of these cops were suppose to use the least amount of force necessary to control these situations. So one very simple question has to be asked and answered to determine whether or not they used excessive force – would they have handled these situations differently if the victims involved would have been an elderly White grandmother, or one of their own relatives suffering from Alzheimer’s? I’m certain that they would have – a lot differently. Thus, that fact alone is prima facie evidence that they used excessive force, and treated these two Black women differently than they would have treated others under similar or the exact same circumstances.

With respect to the incident involving the Dr. Ersula Ore, she was simply requesting to be dealt with in a dignified manner. So all the cop had to do was say, “I apologize if you thought I was being disrespectful, ma’am. I’m only doing my job. May I see some identification, please?” But instead, his behavior seemed to say, “I don’t care whether you’re a professor or not. I’m a cop, so I don’t have to respect you. I asked you for identification, and if you don’t give it to me I’m taking you to jail.” So his behavior purposely aggravated the situation, and PURPOSELY set the chain of events in motion that led to the incident witnessed below. In addition, there was a second officer on the scene, so the two of them could have easily handcuffed the professor without grabbing her by the neck and body slamming her to the ground. Both of these ladies could have sustained life-endangering injuries, and for what – traffic violations!!!?

So at best, the attitude of both of these cops were racist, chauvinistic, and extremely immature. They were both engaged in a childish game of “King of the Hill.” If instead of these women being, in one case, a Black great-grandmother with obvious psychological issues, and in the other, a Black female professor, it had been Barbara Bush, both officers would have been taken off the job immediately, viewed as a rogue cops, fired, ridiculed, and charged with assault – and no one can convince me otherwise.

But that said, the Black community must also bare some blame for what happened to these two Black women. No, I’m not implying that the Black community is responsible for making these two cops virulent racists (and yes, in order to brutally assault these two Black women like they did, they’re not only chauvinistic and cowardly racists, but more), but I am saying, unequivocally, that by not DEMANDING that Black women be respected, protected, and honored within our community, we throw the doors wide-open for these types of incidents to occur. Do you think a Black cop would even THINK of brutally assaulting a White woman in public without his life being in imminent danger? Ask yourself, why not? .



The Black community – and especially Black men – owe all of these sisters our most sincere apology, because we’re ALLOWING this to happen to our women. We’re allowing it to happen by being so caught up in our own personal lives that that we’ve dropped the ball that those who came before us fought so hard – and in many cases died – to get in hand. How can we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King while turning our backs on all of the principles that he fought for all of his life?  We’ve become selfish, and we’ve embraced an everybody-for-himself mentality in order to pursue our own private lives – private lives that many of us wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the sacrifices of others who fought and died to provide us with the security and comforts that we’ve become so selfishly engrossed. As a result, we’ve allowed things to get way out of hand. But it behooves us to start reining things back in, or eventually, the comforts and security that we now enjoy will evaporate, and we’ll hear the boots at our own door . . . ask any Jew.


John Pickens (Chief of Police)

I will be on extended vacation beginning Monday, July 14, 2014.  After vacation, I will begin my new role as Executive Director of University Security Initiatives.


If you need police related assistance, please contact interim Chief Mike Thompson at Michael L. Thompson or 480-9654929.



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