wendy williams & phaedra& apollo

*Wendy Williams is advising “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks to leave her husband Apolla Nida after being sentenced to eight years in prison for fraud and identity theft.

Williams doesn’t think the marriage can make it through his incarceration.

She believes there’s no point in Parks waiting around and holding it down for Nida. She has kids, a life and a career to worry more about than him.

“Eight years is a long time. Somebody needs a divorce. I am not that ride-or-die,” Wendy told her audience, suggesting that Phaedra start filing for a split. Apparently, it might be a little easier for Phaedra than you might think. “In Georgia, there’s this rule that says if your spouse goes to jail for more than two years, you can get an automatic divorce.”

It wouldn’t make sense for Williams if Parks stayed with Nida. Her actions prove that she most likely will be leaving the criminal behind.

She wasn’t present for his sentencing nor has she been with him for months.

“Phaedra needs a divorce; doesn’t she?” Williams asked.

Williams shed light on the fact their sons will be 11 and nine years old by the time he gets out of prison. “What kind of legacy is Apollo leaving his boys? I’d be cordial and a good co-parent.”

But Williams still can’t figure out why Parks married Nida or what she saw in him anyways.

“I understand if you think Apollo’s a nice looking man, and every woman–to some extent–likes a bad boy. Some like them bad–like right out of jail–and I get that, too!” Williams said. “At what point did you decide to marry him as opposed to just have him as a little bad boy drive-by?”

She REALLY can’t figure out why Nida decided to make his money illegally with “RHOA” being capable of opening up other doors for him.

“Something should have made you, Apollo, want to do better,” Wendy scolded. The chat host believes that if he was able to pull off both of his scams, he could have done something legal to earn money. “That takes some kind of smarts, Apollo. Why couldn’t you apply that to night school and get a trade?”

She added, “He had five years to go to trade school–learn to be a welder or something–to get his life together.”

Watch what Williams has to say on her show below: