wendy & aaliyah

Wendy Williams and the late Aaaliyah (Haughton)

*This is a surprise! Instead of just dishing about celebrities, Wendy Williams is bring an iconic singer’s dish to the small screen.

Williams is executive producing the Aaliyah biopic. And don’t worry, there’s a new lead for the film.

Shortly after Zendaya left the film project, the film’s production was at a standstill.

But Williams picked up the slack and hired a new actress to play the lead — Alexandra Shipp.

“I’m excited to exec produce the Aaliyah @lifetimetv movie w/ @DebraMChase. Prod starts later this month and @AlexShipppp will play Aaliyah.”

Shipps is known for her role on Nickelodeon’s “House of Anubis.”

Williams said production on the film will begin later this month. Let’s see what future details will be dished on Williams’ talk show, as well.