asap rocky

*A$AP Rocky is under fire for allegedly slapping a fan during a Philadelphia music festival last year.

After slapping Lisamarie Wade in the face, the ex-fan is slapping him with a lawsuit.

She claimed Rocky hit her for no apparent reason — making his way through the crowd at the festival last year. Allegedly, he knocked her to the ground — disorienting her.

The lawsuit’s documents claimed Rocky has a history of bad behavior — including another incident two months prior — smacking a female fan in Australia.

She filed a private complaint on Rocky, but she couldn’t locate him. Therefore, she dropped the complaint to serve him with it.

Wade definitely wants the jury to sympathize with her. She claimed the incident caused  a string of ailments, which interfere with her ability to “enjoy society with her minor child as a young, single mother.”

Wade wants some big bucks for the alleged incident — asking for at least $75,000.