do not cross line - ferguson missouri protester

*(Via Newsy) – The situation in Ferguson, Missouri, doesn’t look like it’s anywhere close to calming down.

As protests over the killing of an unarmed black teenager by police continue, the city saw two more shootings in the early a.m. hours Wednesday.

A woman was wounded in a reported drive-by shooting and a man was shot by police just blocks away from where the protests had recently ended.

“They say that suspect pulled a handgun at the officer and the officer shot him. I can tell you, we were out here late last night … and we definitely heard shots fired in the area.”

Police say they were responding to calls of shots fired and four or five armed men wearing ski masks in the area. The man who was shot was reportedly part of that group and is in critical condition.

This was the fourth day of protests against the killing of Michael Brown, who police say attacked an officer but who witnesses say was shot in cold blood. And at night when the protests have broken up, the city has seen a flood of violence and looting.

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