*Ashanti is quite the hardworking starlet and quite famous for it. And that’s why it’s hard to believe she was racially profiled while shopping in New York City. Nevertheless, it happened.

She opened up to theGrio about the experience as well as talked about her upcoming film, “Stuck,” which ironically addresses racism in NYC.

“You know what’s the worst thing? If I have a hat on and sweats or glasses and I’m chillin and I go into a store, you may get someone follows and says, ‘oh may I help you?’ When they find out [who I am], they say, ‘oh that’s Ashanti, that’s Ashanti, oh my gosh how are you? Would you like some champagne? How may we help you?’”

Disgustingly, they tried to give her the star treatment once they found out she was in fact a star — no longer seeing her as “threatening” due to her skin color.

But her real-life experience kind of fits with her new film, “Stuck,” which will tackles racism. The film is about six strangers of different ethnicities trapped on a NYC subway train.

She’s never been trapped on a train car, but she did have quite an experience on the subway.

“I did [ride the subway] one time, and the one time I was with my mom and I had to be 12 or something… and I got mugged,” Ashanti said. “I had on a gold chain, a roped gold chain, and this guy pushed me through the turnstile and snatched the chain off of my neck. I was so mad that I threw a Snapple bottle at him! I was so mad.”

She added, “I had to go to a police station, pick him out in a line-up, and then I found out he had my chain in a napkin and was selling it on the corner.”

Watch the interview below: