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*Beanie Sigel was released from prison after spending two years behind bars.

Sigel was in lockdown for not paying his taxes from 2003 – 2005, but in 2012 the taxman caught up with him.

During that time, his career took a dive in 2004 after going to prison for the first time for drug and gun charges.

Sigel will spend some time in a halfway house to help him transition back into the real world.

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In other news, Black Twitter blasted Nelly for promoting Cheerios on Twitter instead of posting about the death of Michael Brown.

A police officer shot Brown to death last weekend in Ferguson, Mo. — right outside of St. Louis where Nelly grew up and still owns a home.

The photo above of Nelly holding a box of Cheerios was met with much criticism since he acknowledged the product over a black teenager who died at the hands of a racist system — right outside of his hometown.

Check out how Black Twitter went in on Nelly below:

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