misty copeland,

*Several biopics about significant black entertainers are coming out on the big and small screens. The true story chronicling the life of ballerina Misty Copeland is coming soon too.

New Line Cinema inked a deal to produce a film about the American Ballet Theatre soloist. Adam ShankmanJennifer Gibgot from Offspring Entertainment and Phil Sandaus will produce the feature film.

Her inspirational story will focused on the many rejections she faced as an African-American ballerina. She was told she would never be a ballerina due to her age.

Nevertheless, she showed the world her true potential and accomplished some amazing things during the career she was told she couldn’t have due to her age.

She became the second African American female soloist (in two decades) to even dance at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre.

Before that, she began training as a ballerina at 13 while her family  (her mother and siblings) lived on welfare. She learned how to dance within months.

She received lessons for the Boys & Girls Club and even lived with a sponsor family while attending dance school. Nevertheless, a custody battled occurred between her mother and the host family.

The biopic will be based on these life events highlighted in her memoir, Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina.”

Even though a film is being produced about her life, she’s not done making history. She will be the first black ballerina to dance lead in “Swan Lake” at the American Ballet Theatre. The honor of being the very first African American ballerinas to perform the lead role were Lauren Anderson (1996) with Houston Ballet and Celine Gittens with the Birmingham Royal Ballet (2012). Misty and her publicist, Gilda Squire, think it’s very important that these women also be recognized as part of the historical record.