Charlamagne Tha God

*Charlamagne (Tha God) started to feel bad about releasing the audio of Floyd Mayweather struggling to read.

He didn’t realize adult illiteracy was such a prevalent issue and was taken aback about blasting Mayweather lack of an ability to read a radio spot.

The Breakfast Club” co-host released the audio to his audience last week — claiming that’s his job.

“In hindsight, I feel a little bad about it, just a little, because I didn’t know there were that many people out there suffering from illiteracy,” Charlamagne told Bossip.

Charlamagne only felt a little bad. He said it’s his job to share with his audience — after his show was able to back up 50 Cent‘s claim about Mayweather’s illiteracy.

“I super-serve my listeners. When I hear 50 Cent saying that the man can’t read. I don’t know what 50’s talking about. So when my producer comes to me and says, ‘Hey, we got audio of Floyd reading,’ and I listen to it, my first thought is, ‘The listeners need to hear this,’” he said.

He added, “Don’t feel sorry for the villains” — saying that Mayweather as a villain had it coming for many mean (trifling) things he had done.

Watch him talk about releasing the audio below: