Darren Wilson*Darren Wilson may have gone into hiding after his name was revealed as Michael Brown’s killer, but information about the Ferguson, Missouri police officer’s mother reveals a side of the matriarch that was far from law-abiding.

According to MailOnline.com, Tonya Durso, Wilson’s mother, was a serial con artist who cheated her victims out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by stealing their identities and taking out huge loans, which resulted in credit card debt.

During her crime spree, Durso was on parole for similar crimes she committed in Missouri. She died at age 35 under mysterious circumstances, MailOnline noted.

Until she was exposed as a con artist, Durso and her family were popular residents in St. Peters, a predominantly white suburb of St. Louis. Among Durso’s victims was Sandy Finney, who mentioned that Wilson’s mother intercepted her mail and sent off for pre-approved credit cards that she would use herself.

Durso wound up in so much debt from her capers that she took out loans to keep the scam going.

“My husband and I were naïve,” Finney shared with MailOnline. She cleaned us out for at least $100,000 and $30,000 in cash which we didn’t get back.’

The site went to report that Durso’s con game ended in February 2001, when Finney was told by her own bank that she could not deposit any money and the authorities were alerted. Durso ultimately pleaded guilty to six counts of forgery and one count of stealing at the 11th Judicial Court in St Louis.

Although she pleaded guilty to those crimes as well as confessed to another six counts of stealing in an unrelated situation, Durso’s victims tell MailOnline that she didn’t serve any time in jail and went into bankruptcy in October 2002. A month later, the matriarch died.

“I’m surprised Wilson passed the background checks to become a policeman,” Finney told the site. “People can change but that was a bad home. His mother was a serial conwoman.”

News of Durso’s illegal activities comes days after Ferguson police named Wilson as Brown’s killer. Media sources report that the revelation came after authorities faced unrelenting pressure from the public and lawsuits from civil liberties groups.

For more on the criminal past of Darren Wilson’s mother, Tonya Durso, go to MailOnline.