*Deitrick Haddon acknowledged the pastors had some intense moments on “Preachers of LA.”

But he confirmed the preachers are coming to terms with it and are learning how to agree to disagree.

He dished to Sister 2 Sister about the relationships among the preachers and how they are quickly working through their differences.

“I’m the type of guy that once I get it off my chest and get it out, we can go hang out and go play pool. We can go out to dinner. I can be fussing and be upset about something. An hour later, we can go chill. We can take a family vacation,” Haddon said.

He added, “once I speak my piece, there’s no reason to be upset,” he said. “I love all those guys: McClendon on down. I don’t agree with them on certain issues and it’s very clear that I don’t agree with certain issues. People have to learn how to disagree. You can state your position without disrespect.”

Discussions among the men definitely have gotten heated, but Haddon doesn’t feel the need to argue about biblical interpretations — not knowing who’s actually right or wrong.

“None of us will know until we cross over to the other side,” he said. “Why would I have an argument or fuss forever on something that none of us really, really know?”

He acknowledged it’s common for preachers to interpret scriptures different ways — explaining the several different denominations that fall under the umbrella of Christianity.

But he said for this not to discourage new Christians from learning the word.

“You have to go according to your faith and what you believe,” he said. “If you don’t like what I’m saying, you can go to the church up the street if you don’t like what I’m saying, but don’t demonize me because I’m not saying what you’re saying. Don’t call what I’m saying heresy. We’re actually saying the same thing. It’s crazy.”