Keyshawn Johnson

*Keyshawn Johnson is denying claims from Kourtney Kardashian that he defrauded her by selling her a mold-infested house.

Sources close to Keyshawn tell TMZ he’s scoffing at Kourtney’s intimation he tried to hide dangerous black mold on his walls by painting over it. He says he’s never painted a single wall in the 2 1/2 years he lived in the Calabasas mansion.

Sources tell TMZ that Keyshawn believes the mold developed AFTER the sale when a bathroom pipe sprung a leak in the wall. Keyshawn says someone in the Kardashian camp actually reached out to Keyshawn asking if the house was still under warranty so they wouldn’t have to pay for the repair.

keyshawn johnson moldy house

TMZ reports: “Keyshawn has two kids who lived in the house until the day before it was sold, and the kids mostly slept in the master, where mold was found. He says he would never knowingly expose his kids to mold.

“He also says the Kardashians have been a pain in the ass, calling at least 10 times after the sale to ask about this and that.”

Located just down the street from troubled pop star Justin Bieber, Johnson had a much-publicized feud with Justin after he was caught speeding uncontrollably in his white Ferrari through their residential neighborhood while young children played in the streets.


Originally listed and then delisted in 2011, the sprawling 11, 746 square-foot, six-bedroom, 9 bath home popped back onto the market for December 2012 for $10.5 million. As Johnson’s issues with Bieber started to escalate, the asking price on his home started to drop. By February 2013, he’d chopped another $1.6 million off asking, but still couldn’t find a buyer. With his unruly neighbor continuing to cause him grief, Johnson decided to reduce the price yet again – slicing $400k off – bringing the home to $8.495 million. At that price, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick swooped in and took the incredible home off Johnson’s hands.