draya michelle

*The death of Mike Brown and the outrage and turmoil in Ferguson, MO has triggered a slew of reaction from everyone on social media.

And reality star Draya Michele is no different as she took to Instagram to air out her feelings regarding the tragedy.

Maybe she shouldn’t have bothered.

The following are Draya’s comments on the Mike Brown situation:

“To keep seeing things escalate makes me upset…I don’t know what I can do with my voice other than make other people aware… I wish #MichaelBrown was alive to tell his side of the story, somehow we never get to hear the other side when things like this happen. I don’t think it’s a race thing, I think the police training is outdated, I don’t know maybe the sensitivity has risen due to 9/11 but I really think it’s time for new procedures based on all these accidental killings. #PrayforFerguson.”

Needless to say, Draya got a lot of backlash from what she posted. Which is why she went on Twitter to smooth things over

“And yeah I was just saying, we can’t fix the race issues… But we can train the people to protect and serve us better procedures,” the reality TV star tweeted. “Poor choice of words saying accidental :: I meant homicides that just shouldn’t have happened . I apologize. Sincerely,” Draya said while addressing the haters and the dust up over her Instagram post. “You use voices for whatever you want on your own page… Talking @ me, isn’t going to do much.

“I don’t know how that came off ignorant … But ok… Screaming out racism isn’t going to change what’s inside these people’s head,” she continued.

OK, there you have it straight from Draya Michelle. What say ye? Sound off below.