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*Drake performed his final concert of his 5th annual October’s Very Own Festival Monday night  at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto.

And boy oh boy did he ever fire up his fans at the concert who believe he came for Rihanna!

During a performance of “Days in the East,”  a burning number six shows up on the screen three times featuring no other than Rihanna.

Which makes it almost blatantly obvious the “Take Care” rapper was calling RiRi satanic.

Fans believe Drake was blasting RiRi — by referring to her as the devil and eluding to the  Illuminati

But on the other hand, some folks believe the number six was a reference to his upcoming album, “Views from the 6.”

Nevertheless, “Days in the East,” is supposedly about RiRi — who he dated on and off again. Hmm…

“Why you keep askin’ me about (the wife)/ Couple other things I’d rather do than talk bout that right now,” Drake rapped. “Told you bout givin him chances on chances on chances/He’s not holdin you down, he’s holdin you back right now.”

Comment below: Was Drake referring to RiRi as the devil or was it a reference to his upcoming album?

Also, see it for yourself below: