*Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas criticized Ferguson, Missouri rioters, but most of all, Al Sharpton.

As has been reported, rioting and looting broke out in Ferguson after an unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot to death by police over the weekend.

Arenas argues racism is black on black and not white on black since black folks are robbing each other and burning down their OWN neighborhoods whenever there’s injustice.

“I would like to start off by saying too the family of the victim GOD BLESS#RIPmichealbrown you will be missed: too EVERY African American out there..how dumb are we really???every time we hear some bad news, the first thing we do is #RIOT #ROB #STEAL #BURN sh-t in our OWN neighborhoods..,” he wrote on Instagram.

He added, “this racism fight has never been #blackvswhite, it’s ALWAYS been #blackvsblack from what the stats.. About 10 riots from the black community over the years and the only thing damaged ,was the BLACK COMMUNITY by The BLACK COMMUNITY..only reason they issue riot police isssss just in case you actually got smart enough to walk 6 blocks ,YALL ain’t f-cking up white rich sh-t smdh.”

But Rev. Al Sharpton got the worst of it. Arenas blamed Sharpton for making racial injustices worst. He even called Sharpton an attention-seeking ‘THOT’ (That Hoe Over There).

He wrote; “FAMILiES of the victims pleaseeeeee stop asking #alsharpton to speak or ur behalf,you have a better chance having #caesar the monkey from #planetoftheapes to get justice for you..the stats also show AL coon sharpton has not helped one situation he has protested at,he actually made it worst and because of him the jury goes the other way..”

He continued with: “(think about it) Jena six,trayvon and the list goes back way back..#AL ur like a #THOT in the club,lookn for attention what u said at trayvons rally #enoughisenough ur right were tired of u PRETENDING.”

Arenas isn’t the only one questioning Sharpton’s motives. The Wall Street Journal posed the question of why didn’t he visit Chicago over the weekend after there were 26 deaths. Instead, he flew to St. Louis.

Whenever there is a major case of racial injustice, Sharpton pops up to represent the family.

An Instagram follower questioned what Arenas has done for the black community. His answer is telling:

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