*Jada Pinkett Smith has learned a lot in her 42 years and she is taking the time to share it with you.

Smith is a thoughtful blogger, taking to the art in a way that seems to be therapeutic for her while simultaneously, aiming to share her wisdom with the masses. And by the millions who have clicked “Like” on her Facebook page: The masses want more!

In a recent blog, Jada talks about what it means to be a woman, and as usual, it really gets you to thinking.

There is such duality in womanhood. On one hand, women are hardest on other women. Judgmental. Jealous. Scrutinizing. When a man cheats on his woman, the woman will step over him and his indiscretion on her way to find the woman he cheated with…with a goal to kick her butt.

But then there’s the other hand. The one that shows how women can offer the most authentic, deepest consolation when needed. Be the “bestie” that will give you half of her very last whatever.

A woman who knows who she is can be herself without trying to impress anything upon you. She feels you, so you don’t have to explain yourself. You can feel the unconditional love in her smile, the warmth in her hug, and the compassion and wisdom from her own journey in her words

From Jada to those who will listen…and those who may not:

Mother. Woman. Freedom.

A woman who is a mother does not have to lose connection to her body, her beauty, her sensuality, her intelligence, her purpose or her individuality in order to be a mother.
BUT…if she decided to let it all go…that’s her choice as well because a woman, who is a mother, has the right to identify for HERSELF what BEING a woman and a MOTHER means to HER.

What it means to be a woman…is subjective along with every other title she could possibly hold. So, when we, as women, band together, as a collective, to judge other women’s decisions on how they choose to live their lives, it makes me question if we women honestly believe more in freedom and equality for ourselves than the need to…fit in, play by the rules, be liked and accepted by those that govern the standards or having others satiate our need to be in control and to be…right. (We often use each other to simply be…right.)

Woman is vast, and her essence is made of a hundred million things so we will always encounter, through other women, aspects of woman’s nature that will feel foreign to us. I would suggest, we get to know that essence which may be foreign to us before we knock it. It could be that very essence which we would have knocked that may show us how to be more of the beautiful creatures we are or…it may create an opportunity to extend ourselves as sisters to share our wisdom, revealing alternative paths to assist our woman friends to get to where they are going. But we, as women, must practice honoring the freedom of one another if we are asking the world to honor the freedoms of women as well.

– J